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When a major Tier 1 Auto Supplier told us it took 10 days to compile a capacity analysis report using multiple Excel spread sheets and multiple data sources, we built a web-enabled application that provides instantaneous reporting right to users’ desktops in offices and plants.

This system integrates self-reported data from the plant floor with data supplied by legacy systems as well as other separately held financial databases.

We started by mapping out the human interactions with the data and documented how various individuals used different pieces of data to accomplish their objectives.

The result was a robust dashboard to be used to create actionable forecasting reports for use by sales, operations, and finance as well as plant supervisors.

Even a super hero can’t expect to control the status of all of your corporate assets, product development schedules, marketing assets, meetings, events, personal appearances, and prototypes in every remote place around the world.

Using our set of Custom Tools including Proteus Answers application do just that for a major automotive company. This web-based application enabled accountability measurement and tracking of the company’s investments in real time through the use of its custom tools.

Users have access to event, executive and asset calendars, profiles of assets ranging from prototypes to displays to collateral, and a knowledge repository of competitive data, white papers and positioning statements.

The system also featured an online proposal submission, routing and approval portal which cut decision timing from 8 weeks to 3 days.

In total, labor savings were calculated in the magnitude of 5-7 man years.

Web Elite’s QuickHits team specializes in rapid development for mission critical applications to working prototypes. Our Quick Hits methodology puts rough concepts into action fast. From drawings on a napkin to sample screens sketched out in Excel we work collaboratively to get your application on the web.

Our QuickHits approach has also assisted many clients by rescuing broken and malfunctioning applications in rapid fashion.

Best of all, even though QuickHits turns around applications fast, it’s not at the sacrifice of testing and documentation. To us working quickly also means you have to work smartly.

BullsEye is Web Elite’s state of the art, hi-definition, digital Point of Sale system that enables:
  • Full-motion content
  • Consistent synergies between brand and retail positioning
  • Local customization
    • Messaging
    • Daypart management
  • Immediate updating from any remote location with Internet access
  • One integrated turn-key solution – messaging, administration, installation, hardware and support
Disney and USA Today deployed Web Elite’s foto-fetch™ digital photography system to enhance the historic artifacts exhibition at the Oakland Museum. This self-contained system engaged over 2,000 visitors and captured email addresses for USA Today to enable trial and follow-up. Images are immediately dispatched to users' email boxes direct from the exhibit are available for download in real time.

The foto-fetch system is available for lease or purchase and includes proprietary software, the power of the internet, digital photography, and a unique process for consumers to retrieve photos and for marketers to fetch consumer information.

To learn how you can use foto-fetch to engage your customers at events, placed-based locations or retail environments and to enable CRM and viral marketing, click below.

Web Elite deployed a virtual university for an American car company using WE Present – a proprietary web-based tool for training and marketing.

Over 30 in-class workshops for supply and logistic network employees were converted to web-based training with 120 modules. The entire program was online in 90 days, at a fraction of the cost of a typical media rich program. The client calculated a cost savings of $1 million versus its traditional training methods.

WE Present combines the best features of PowerPoint with audio, video and high-end graphics, but at a low-cost with rapid deployment. It allows large amounts of video and full-color graphics to be conveyed to computers anywhere in the world without chewing up bandwidth through the use of “bitstreaming” technology.

Best of all, it can track performance and measure user activity and is fully AICC and SCORM compliant for training applications.